Healthy Koi Fishes All Year Round

Healthy Koi Fishes All Year Round

Koi fishes are fun to watch and are very relaxing too. This is the reason why there are lots of people who choose to have an outdoor pond with Koi in their gardens. One of the things that makes home owners think twice about having a water garden and fishes is maintaining it during the different seasons. No matter what kind of koi fish for sale reviews your supplier has, if you don’t know how to take care of the fishes you buy from them, they will still die and not survive for many years to come. To make sure of this, you have to know what things you should do during the different seasons to make sure that your Koi fishes survive.

Summer Season
This is the best season for your fishes and your Koi pond. The temperatures are just just right but you should still make sure that you properly maintain your pond at this time. One of the things you should do is to make sure that the air level in your pond is right for your fishes. If you see that your Koi fishes are always at the surface of the water and seem to be grasping for air, then there is a need for you to improve it through the different aerators available.

Fall Season
As summer time passes and the season turns to fall, you should also ready your pond for the change. During the fall season, the plant life in the pond are already transforming. If you have plants that cannot withstand the cold days ahead, you better remove them and relocate them indoors or in your greenhouse. This is also the time when falling leaves would be observed and you should make sure that your pond doesn’t have an accumulation of it. If there is a lot of fallen leaves in your pond, it can make the water dirty and lessen the air in it as it decomposes. Make use of a skimming tool to help remove these or you can also get your pond covered with a net to catch all the fallen leaves.

Winter Season
Winter is the season that your pond naturally goes to sleep. There is less activity throughout the pond and the fishes’ metabolism will slow down. Although the Koi fishes can still survive in the cold, it would be better if you could provide them with a heater to prevent the water from freezing. If the water freezes, your fishes can get caught in the piercing ice. It is also important to know what food you should give your Koi at this season. Due to their slow metabolism, protein foods should be avoided.

Spring Season
During the spring season, your fishes can be more prone to infections due to viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites. This is because they haven’t eaten much in the past winter season. There are different products that you can purchase to help your fishes battle the other infections as the days warm up. Once the temperature is already warm enough, your fishes can now survive on their own.