Feeding Birds

Feeding the small birds that visit your garden in the winter whilst looking for food, is not always as easy as it may seem as often, larger birds or squirrels will steal the food you put out for the small birds. Fortunately though there is a solution and that solution is protective bird feeders. Perhaps a better name for these types of feeder is squirrel proof bird feeders as that basically is what they are. By making a bird feeder squirrel proof, it usually also means that it is also safe from other, larger birds getting the feed. One type of these squirrel proof bird feeders is a wire globe in which sits the actual bird feeder. The wire mesh on the globe, although large enough to allow small birds entry, is too small to allow larger birds or squirrels entry. The wire is also thick enough that it would take several days for a squirrel to be able to chew its way through it and any squirrel would have lost interest in it long before that, looking for food elsewhere. Spinning bird feeders are also becoming popular as they too are effective at stopping larger birds or squirrels stealing food which was intended for small birds.

With these types of feeder, it is not the actual feeder that spins but only the perch on which anything has to sit or stand in order to access the food in the feeder. The perch does not spin ifa light weight is placed on, like the weight of a small bird but it will if a heavier weight, like that of a larger bird or squirrel is placed on it. The speed with which the perch spins makes it impossible for either a large bird or a squirrel to stay on it long enough to enjoy a bite to eat. As the perch spins though, it spins fast enough to throw some of the feed out of the feeder landing on the ground. Often a squirrel or large bird may stick around in order to feast on any spillages. Yet another type of squirrel proof feeder is one that has automatically closing doors which close as anything heavier that a small bird steps on a pressure plate located in front of the feeder.

Any of these different types of squirrel proof bird feeders will effectively stop squirrels eating feed you put out for small birds but as the squirrels also need food, some people put out a separate squirrel feeder as well as a bird feeder which makes sense especially as no squirrel will undertake the gymnastics it takes to reach a bird feeder if there was food more easily available. Squirrels are very smart and very agile and so unless you provide food them or use a special anti-squirrel bird feeder, they will find a way to steal the food you put out for the small birds. Some people of course do not mind that the food for the birds is being stolen as they love to see the gymnastic displays of the squirrels as they do the stealing.