Find Russian Blue Cats for Adoption – The Best Pets you can have in your Home

If you want a pet cat that has a gentle temperament with appealing physical characteristics, find Russian blue cats for adoption. Russian blue cats can be the ideal companion because they are not demanding and can be left alone. It generally gets along well with adults, children and other pets because it loves company. It has captivating physical characteristics that make it distinct from other breeds. The Russian blue cat has a dense and smooth blue coat with silver tips and captivating green eyes that exude intelligence.

The Russian blue cat needs some time to adjust
The adjustment period is the most difficult phase when adopting a cat. The Russian blue cat is quite apprehensive with strangers which mean you should not expect the cat to be affectionate. Your home is an entirely new environment and your cat will need some time to check and be ease with its surroundings. According to the Russian blues history, the breed used to be the target of hunters that is why it is rather cautious with strangers. Give the cat adequate time to be comfortable before you start playing with it. Provide the cat with the same litter box it is used to as well as the same kind of food and feeding schedule. A cat usually needs a week to two weeks before it feels at ease in the new home. Go slow and do not hurry up with the bonding time since you will be having about 10 to 15 years precious time with your new companion or even more if you take good care of it.

Why you need some modifications in the home for the new pet
A cat will always be a cat no matter its breed. It will explore the house and hunt for rodents. If you take on the responsibility of caring for a cat, make sure you are prepared for some modifications. Be sure to get rid of some stray items that the cat may likely chew or swallow. Small items like pens and paper clips must be kept in drawers to ensure your cats safety. Cats love to scratch on things and it is very likely that your sofa or coffee table will become its victim. Prepare a scratching pad for your cat, put it on a convenient place and train the cut to scratch on the pad. If it is a Russian blue you have adopted, you would not meet any difficulties with training because it is very intelligent. Give your cat its own place; like a comfortable basket for it sleep on before it finally discovers on its own that it is more cozy sleeping on the foot of your bed.

Adopting a cat will be a big responsibility. The children will be excited during the first few weeks but as they gradually get used to the new pet, you will start to be responsible with feeding and cleaning of the litter box. Make sure you make an assessment of your life style before you decide on adopting a cat because it will become a member of the family and will be considered in your future decisions.