Loyal and Loving Dogs

If you are given a chance to see through the past of every person, you will readily discover the reasons why one person behaves in this manner, and another person behaves in a diametrically opposed manner. Seeing through the case history of every person, one will readily understand and grasp the reason behind the present behavior and points of view of every person. Hence, there are people who are kind, and there are people who have rough and crass behavior. There are also people who are affectionate, and there are people who are aloof and insensitive.

Likewise, there are people who want to have pet dogs inside their houses, while there are also people who really hate pet dogs, and speaking of pet dogs, they are indeed lovely and spritely creatures that are worthy to be called “man’s best friends.”

So, now you pretty much get the idea that I belong to the group of people who love pet dogs. Indeed, I do love pet dogs, for who could not love the very regal bearing of a poodle or the awesome look of a bulldog, or the majestic stand of a golden retriever, and the cuteness of a Yorkshire Terrier. Likewise, who will not be amused by the face of a pug, the awesome swagger of a Great Dane, and the lovely image of a Pomeranian? Moreover, dogs are really intelligent and they have larger brains than their feline counterparts, hence, they could be acting more intelligently than their feline counterparts. Yet, the good thing about pet dogs is that they are really very loyal to their masters. Sometimes their loyalty and unconditional love for their masters are beyond equal; and hence, if you have a loving and very dedicated dog, you probably have the best friend of your life.

Yet, there are people who really hate dogs, and don’t want to have one in their home. Their reasons for their abhorrence of dogs may be valid, and we can never contest their reasons, for as I have said earlier, the growth of every personality is divergent and unique. Hence, their reasons for not liking dogs may be traced back to their past. Reasons such as being bitten by a ferocious dog in the past and being embarrassed by stepping on a poop in public places can be their reasons for not liking dogs. Well, the process of recovering dog poop is a difficult and inconvenient process; hence, some owners might have lazily left the droppings of their dogs along the pathways, and a dog hater had inadvertently stepped on it, further fanning that person’s hate for the canine species. Yet, some other canine haters might have developed phobic reactions towards dogs in their early life to a point that they could not bear being nearby a certain dog.

However, we can simply leave them in their state of apathy towards the canine species without trying to convince them and win them over into the fold of those who love dogs. Yet, at present, we could still remain affable, loving, and caring to our beloved pet dogs that are always there to reciprocate our affection towards them.