Important Consideration When You Want To Buy Russian Blue Cats

Before you buy russian blue cats, you need to discuss treatment options with your vetinarian . There  are several plans you may choose from. Your pets’ health care provider should be able to outline the best plan for the cat. You should look at the pros and cons of each plan before adopting one that is suitable for your pet. You should have the tips on how you can tell when your Russian blue cat is sick and have the first aid outline with you.

The cat may on some occasion suffer from stress. You should be in a position to identify the symptoms of a Russian blue cat that is under stress and possible interventions. Your health care provider should be able to give you the basic diet the pet requires. Care must be taken so that the pet does not overeat because overeating increases chances of suffering from obesity related problems.

One important thing you should note is that your financial realities is an important consideration   before choosing the pet to keep.  There are some breeds that require constant medical attention and hence you will need the services of a pet care on regular basis.

Health and Care

For the Russian blue cat, there is no special health care recommended for it. This is because the cat has no specific health problem .The breed has been found to be genetically sound since it is a naturally occurring breed.  However, you may need to give it some minor attentions such as cleaning it regularly and brushing its coat.  This cat likes human company and thus, you must spare some time everyday to play around with it. Combing and brushing its coat will make it happy.

You must not forget that the cat loves food and will eat beyond its needs. Because of this you may have to monitor the quantity of food it eats if you want to eliminate problems associated with obesity. The best way to go is to carefully plan before you buy russian blue cats.  Have a few plates from which it can be served. The plate should be able to measure the amount of food you give to the pet every day.  Have a schedule when the cat should have its food. Let members of your family understand that they cannot give the cat a treat any time they want.

Physical features
The reason why this cat has few known health problems is that it is a robust breed with firm muscles.  It is long, slender and elegant.  It is of medium size but compact in nature. It is capable of stretching and its length can easily be seen when it is in full motion. The cat has a graceful neck   hidden under its fur. The shoulder blades are wide. When it is seated one can think it has a thick and a short neck.

However, the cat will always appear bigger than it actually is.  This is because it has a double coat with dense plush and silky hair standing at an angle of 45 degrees allowing you to trace various patterns on the cat.