Why Choose a Russian Blue as Your Pet

Having a pet can definitely be an awesome experience. With a pet, you will have something that you can care for, nurture and watch grow, which can definitely be a fulfilling experience. Also, it cannot be denied that having a pet means that you will also have a companion around with your which can help minimize the loneliness that you may be feeling.

When it comes to choosing a pet however; things can get quite tricky. This is due to the fact that there are a lot of different animal that you can pick as a pet and that each of these animals have a breed that can make your experience of caring for your pet quite different.

Of the many pet choices that you may have; picking a Russian blue cat is something that you will want to strongly consider due to a number of reasons.

One of the best reasons for you to pick a Russian blue is the fact that the cat simply looks great. The blue in the cat’s name may make you think that the cat is indeed colored blue but this is not really the case. The Russian blue has a primarily grey or silver coat that can have a blue hue at times, hence the name. The Russian blue cat not only has a nice color to its coat; the cat’s coat is also quite tight and neat looking which makes the cat look really nice and sleek.

What’s great about the Russian blue cat is that it is not all about the looks though, as a lot of owners consider this cat to be such a joy to have as a pet. The Russian blue has a personality that can be considered as calm. Unlike other pet animals; Russian blues tend to be better behaved. At first however, you might find the cat to be quite shy and stubborn but once the cat gets comfortable with its master as well as its environment; it should mellow down and become a loyal pet that you will definitely love to have. You will want to make sure however that you will not be moving or travelling a lot with your cat as it has been observed that these cats do not love changes in their surroundings, especially if they already are comfortable with the place that they have been staying in.

Due to how nice pets these cats can be; it is quite possible that you will encounter a lot of difficulty when looking for and buying this cat. It is also quite possible that should you find a cat that’s for sale; the prices for them can be quite expensive.

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